New Church | Farlam Church
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The church seen today was built with funds raised by subscription. A total of over £1700 was raised and the foundation stone laid on 8 July1859 by the Earl of Carlisle.
The design was supplied by Anthony Salvin in the early English style.
Charles Howard M.P. gave £500 whilst Mrs Thompson of Farlam Hall donated £200. Other notable donations were from Robert Stephenson M.P. of Rocket fame, the employees of the Thompson mines and those from Tindales Spelter works.
Mr Ramshay, Esq. of Narworth Castle donated the church bells a a cost of £36 18 6.

Below from the Carlisle Journal is a copy of the text placed in a bottle next to the foundation stone by the Earl of Carlisle.

In November 1860 the new church was consecrated by the Bishop of Carlisle. The chancel floor was laid with encaustic tiles from Maw and Co, the height of fashion, the pulpit, communion table and reading desk were of oak. Seating was recond to be 400.
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A list was compiled of all the poeple who made donations to the building.
One notable donor was Robert Stephenson M.P. of Rocket fame.