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100 Club

The Church 100+ club runs from 1st September for 12 months. Costs only £12 a year.

1st Prize £25 2nd Prize £15 3rd Prize £10

Half the income after minimal costs is paid out in prize money. The remainder is used to keep the church running, e.g. electricity, insurance and maintenance.

Those returning the form before the 30th September are entered in the Bonus draw in December. Just the Bonus prizes have amounted to £1400 over 5 years.

The form can be down loaded from
here or below.

The form can be sent to Claire Skeates,

Left at the Hub in Hallbankgate, marked for Claire's attention.

By Post to: Lowthian Hall

or collected by request

Good Luck and Thank you for your support.

Farlam Church 100+ Club

November 2019:
1st Prize £25: No. 5 Sandra Palmer 
2nd Prize £15: No. 172 Peter Arndt 
3rd Prize £10: No. 61 Paul Smith
1st Prize £25: No.66 Norah Park
2nd Prize £15: No. 152 Andrew Shaw
3rd Prize £10: No. 27 Sandy Shaw 

December Bonus Draw
1st Prize £50: No. 89 Peter Arndt

2nd Prize £25: No. 85 Barbara Armstrong

3rd Prize £15: No. 38 Bill Armstrong
3rd Prize £15: No. 103 Sandie Jackson
3rd Prize £15: No. 71 Jeremy Robinson

4th Prize £10: No. 84 Bobby Childs
4th Prize £10: No. 56 Margaret Maughan
4th Prize £10: No. 33 Isobel Jackson

1st Prize £25: No 104 Vivian Smith
2nd Prize £15: No. 174 Gerald Ritson 
3rd Prize £10: No. 161 Janice Murray

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